How beneficial is Jaaxy keyword tool?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool, which helps a person to post and to have the best keywords. It is of no surprise that with the use of popular keywords it is easy to bring traffic on your post. All that you have to do is type in the keyword tool and get the best keyword, you can have a keyword that can be used as a title which will be visible on Google and other search engines. For an example you are posting something related to shoes and the brand is Nike, the keyword stays as Nike itself now you have to search for the same keyword using Jaaxy tools and it will show you a couple of related things like how much traffic your specific keyword can receive, how many times this keyword has been searched online in a month, how much competition you will have to face using this keyword, you will a rating area as QSR that will check if your keyword is healthy enough to use. The rank goes from 1 to 100 and if you are getting 100 that means it is the best keyword. The higher the rank is higher is the possibility to get featured on the initial page as search result.


It is difficult to have a keyword that brings less competition in the beginning if you are looking to get traffic on your site. You must select for a keyword that has a rank higher than 86, to make your post visible on Google search or other search engine result. There is an option to get your site rank using the keyword tool. That helps you to find the exact position of your post in Google search, Bing and Yahoo search with that specific keyword. If you want traffic on your post, site or somewhere related just make sure that your keywords help it enough to reach the first or initial page of the search result and the rest will be history. It is very easy to find the right keyword to get huge traffic and this can be done using Jaaxy keyword tool.