How to install Smart Home Lighting

Smart lighting is a technology designed for energy efficiency. This technology enables to minimize and save light by allowing the householders to control remotely cooling, heating, lighting and the control of appliance. This technology has minimize energy usage. Smart lighting is one of the easiest way to turn you’re your home into a smart home. Smart home lighting is easy to install, set and control. There are just different ways of implementing them into our daily lives.

Ways of installing Smart Home Lighting

  1. One of the easiest way of making your home a smart home is by replacing the standards bulbs with smart bulbs. The whole process of installation does not take even 5 minutes as no wiring is required. The moment you install the lighting, you can control your light remotely straight from your smartphone.
  2. Another way is by installing in-walls smart dimmers and switches. This process can be little difficult and time consuming as this will require wiring.
  3. Last method of installing smart home lighting is smart plug-in outlets and dimmers. This does not require any wiring. This method is like a bridge between your standard outlet and the light you want to plug in.

Either ways, the end result is the same. You can opt any according to your preference, time and budget.

Philips Hue Lighting

Just Click Appliances website always have one favourite, and in Smart Home Lighting their favourite is- Philips Hue Lighting. Philips Hue is a combination of crisp LED light and intuitive technology. This personal wireless lighting offers you to choose among various colours in the hue spectrum. This smart light technology can help in creating a perfect ambiance in any of your room using hue app. You just need to download the app to your smartphone and you are good to go. You can control the lights at your home from anywhere in the world.


  • This smart light allows you to set the colour scheme of your room according to your mood.
  • This smart light enables you to pick up any colour from million pictures in your mobile or from app. Just choose a picture and the bulb will accordingly match the colours.
  • You can also create your own colour scheme and share with Hue community.
  • “Light Recipe” will enable you create ideal environment by providing you with different lights for different situations.
  • Helps in securing your house when you are away by simply switching on the lights showing as if you are present in the house.
  • Setting schedule: it sets alarm and notifies with lights. Also you can set different alarm schedule for different rooms.

If you are looking for a fantasy lighting system, then this is an ideal choice.