Receive savings for your advance with the extensive club benefits

The company will reschedule the flight in case if the flight is cancelled due to the bad weather conditions. The extensive club benefits are very much useful for the customers to receive savings in their advance. The airport transfer is provided as a complimentary if you stay for two nights at the hotel. The club benefits at five-star hotel conference centre UAE are offered in each category for the purpose of accommodation. You can discover many beautiful insights if you stay for more than two nights at the hotel. The customers can enhance their experience as we will provide a return airport transfer. The personalized services are offered to the customers as a part of the club benefits.

five star hotel conference centre uae

Utilize benefits during your stay:

You cannot combine the offers provided at the club with the promotions and discounts. The benefits provided at the club will be applicable only for two persons. The point of the reservation will be taken into condition when the rates are subjects to change. The dedicated team at five star hotel conference centre uae will include the best services so that you can get more savings in your advance. If you did not utilize the benefits during your stay then you cannot redeem for cash or exchange with the other services. If you opt for the spa treatments at the open-air spa then you will receive the savings. The customers must ensure to use the benefits during their stay. You can make bookings for your trip in advance to avail the offer.