Achieve Creative Singapore Writing – Success by Selecting Your Words Carefully

Self proofreading is fine that if these words perplexed in the first place, you would not get them right once you proofread. So if you are currently submitting any work for publication, employ a proofreader. Not only will your job be proofread like using their when you supposed there any errors are also picked up. Proofreading can be accomplished by anyone competent in using English i.e. a native speaker, so you might ask a professional proof reader, a trustworthy friend or relative for example.

English is a language that is colorful and versatile but sometimes words can be misused.

Well yes, actually, with the words that is incorrect makes communicating precise. Take for instance the term ‘buxom’. Contemporary usage applies it to it and Girls has evolved to mean ‘busty’ or more ‘plump’ i.e. a lady with a ‘fuller figure’ who is active. But that is not what it intended. The now obsolete definition supposed obedient and John Milton, the renowned poet, used it in the sense of ‘offering little resistance.

Here are some others Is not correct.

Disinterested versus uninterested.

Creative writing for primary 3 singapore or whilst watching the news, a large Number of journalists appear to use the word. It means they do not have a vested interest in something, it does not mean they are bored or not interested in what is happening, if somebody is disinterested, they are impartial. Uninterested is the one to go for if somebody does not want to obey the point of view of somebody else.

Lend versus borrow

This is a one that is common amongst the younger generation Seem unable to grasp the notion that when something is lent by you, it is the act of giving something it is returned at some stage. Borrow is the action of getting something with the intent of returning it.

Their versus there versus they are

Often seen confused in sites and forums, there is the Possessive, as in their book or their seat. There’s positional and they are is the version of they are. A fantastic illustration of three in activity is ‘they are in their car over there’.