Be Safe from Online Tracking

In this tech era, we depend on the internet for almost everything. We surf many websites and webpages as per our needs. We get our financial transactions done online. We store lot of our important information online.

Have you installed a VPN extension?

There will numerous bugging sites will be awaiting to steal our data and trap us with attractive deceitful advertisements.

So it is important to have a VPN extension set up on your computer. VPN creates a secure connection between the information you want to access and your device. It encrypts data as well.

So you can be worry free and get your work done online peacefully. Especially, when you access banking services online, it is all the more important to have a VPN extension installed in your system.

You don’t have to pay as there are plenty of good VPN extension available out there online. However, some of them are free for some time and then will ask you to pay after the free trial ends. You can check here for the best 20 free VPN extensions for your chrome browserсhrome/.


Choose one that best fits your needs and enjoy safety and security.

Companies too:

Not just individuals, companies are also need to proper care to protect their data. Especially this is very important with reference to financial  and e-commerce companies.

Gettings things done online is super easy. You do not need to go to your bank for each and everything and stand in a big queue for hours etc. aAlmost all the services are a click away. It is really a big challenge for financial companies to take extra precaution to protect their customers data. They do invest a major chunk of their spending on software and privacy concerns.

Online commerce companies ask you to store your card number to make payments easily when you shop online. You may need to enter your passwords, one time passwords as many times as required. If the companies do not take privacy and security concerns, it is hard for them to be in the competitive market. To gain customers credibility, apart from making shopping experience a joyful, it is also important to protect the customers safety online.

Apart from government measures, individuals and companies must also take responsibility to protect data online and to be safe and secure in dealings.