Criteria for choosing the right channels for your online marketing plan

The channels play a fundamental role in an online marketing plan to achieve the objectives. You have to apply some criteria to find the most appropriate one.

I’m not a big friend of “traditional” marketing plans. If it is not done well, it is a question of documents with a lot of information but little valuable content that has been elaborated in large part by scholars who do not know the company thoroughly.


Obviously, there are companies that know how to do things well and have understood that the main objective of the task is to have an idea about the road and not start running without meaning. Instead of investing weeks in its preparation it is enough to create an “express” online marketing plan version while maintaining enough flexibility when things do not happen as planned.

Free and paid channels for your online marketing plan

Although not all channels require an investment, they do generate a cost. Your time is worth money so you have to make a wise decision when investing it. is one of the largest movie sites

Platforms and payment channels that generate short-term effects: all the advertising platforms that allow you to run campaigns fall into this category. It does not always have to be Google Ad words, given that there are alternatives that can be more useful depending on your product and your competition.

Channels and activities that generate medium and long-term effects: there are basic tasks that you can perform through some online marketing channels without cost. Above all, social networks and content marketing do not require immediate investment. The results do not arise in the short term so if you want to sell they will no longer serve you for this purpose.

Given that there is a large number of platforms and social networks, there is a danger of duplicating work without having the same impact on results. It is better to take the time to do a previous analysis taking into account the resources and the own capacities to increase the probability of success once the appropriate channel has been chosen.