Regulation to build a garden shed

The question then arises of whether you must file an application with the urban planning services and if so, what request. In general, a garden shed can store tools and equipment useful for the maintenance of the garden, possibly to store seedlings, seedlings if it has glass parts. In these conditions, the garden shed is a building that has a roof and is closed on all four sides. He may or may not have foundations.of posh sheds. This implies that your future garden shed will be counted in the maximum floor area allowed on your lot. Because we must not forget that an unclosed surface on the ground floor is not counted in the floor area. For handle more weight use this powered wheelbarrows.

posh shedsWhat steps to build a garden shed

Once the opportunity to build determined, it is, therefore, the floor area and footprint of the future garden shed that will define whether you must file a prior declaration or a building permit, or if your shelter requires no authorization. The construction of a garden shed posh sheds, in fact, governed by the same rules of urban planning as any construction built on a site already including, or not, any building whatsoever. The rule here is:

if the floor area and the footprint of your project are less than or equal to 5m², as the height above the floor of the shelter does not exceed 12m, then there will be no formalities to accomplish (unless you are in a saved area or classified site). The construction of the garden shelter must, however, conform to the PLU (or any local planning by-law) as to its location in the field;

if one of the two reference surfaces exceeds 5m², then the construction of the garden shed must be declared beforehand since neither of the two surfaces (floor area, footprint) n is greater than 20m ² ;

Finally, if it exceeds 20m², either floor area or footprint, then it is a building permit that must be filed.

As a reminder, the floor area is the sum of all floor areas built, enclosed and covered, with a ceiling height of more than 1.80m. It is measured in the naked interior walls facades (see the calculation of the floor area image on a concrete case). The footprint is the vertical projection of the volumes of the building (including walls, therefore) all overhangs and overhangs included. The calculation of the footprint shown on a project of a house will allow you to know a little more about it.