RU server in the game League of Legends

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What are the benefits of purchasing an account at

Once you purchase an account at, the way you played this game so far will change unimaginably for you! You will instantly get access to more champs, to a hand-leveled account and to some awesome skins which are no longer available elsewhere because the game evolves so rapidly! Playing League of Legends has become an art! Join us and become a part of our internet community and discover a world of possibilities!

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Why RU server at and not some other servers?

Buying an account with an unverified site is always like playing russian roulette. Your account can be banned because of the use of botted accounts, your payments may not be secured, the IP address issues may come up and prevent you from accessing all the features that are promised to you before the purchase…That simply doesn’t happen at! We guarantee our customers that their accounts are 100% hand-leveled, which means that we do not sell botted accounts. Accounts are also completely personal, which means that you can create your own username and password and you will be the only one who will have the access to it.

What is a RU server?

When people play LoL, the players are geographically divided into zones, per se. So, that will allow you to play with the people who are nerby, with similar mentality and customs, therefore playing the game will be much easier if you do not have to adapt to new surroundings and people who don’t understand you! always offers more!

With the purchase of your account you will also be entitled to a 24/7 customer support in case something goes wrong, but this almost never happens! You can check out the testimonials on our web-page and make sure that we are always telling the truth! Also, all our payments our secured, you can use any payment method that you like and we can guarantee safety and reliability! This type of safety is also assured in fortnite games.

You will also get up to 50 champs, up to 20 skins and so much more!  Check us out at!