The Open Secret of the Day: Best time to go to Bali

Bali is located in the south of Indonesia. As a hot and humid island, it gets plenty of sunlight each day, every day of the year. And because of this, you can pretty much visit Bali any time of the year. You should, however, avoid travelling to Bali on high or peak season.

Seasons you need to enjoy in Bali :

In the travel industry, the year is divided into three seasons. The low season lasts from mid-January to June and from mid-September to mid-December. The high season includes the whole months of July and September, as well as Easter and Moon-related New Year holidays. The peak season, which is the busiest, is the whole month of August and mid-December to mid-January.

The million-dollar question: when is the best time to go to Bali?

As we all know, rates will increase during the high season and they will reach their peak during, well, the peak season. This does not only apply to hotels, villas or other change to live and sleep. Transportation fees, especially air travel prices, also increase high during peak season. You should keep in mind that Bali is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

bali villas

Budget villas are not only cheap, but they are also comfortable. Most villas have a private swimming pool and they provide guests with excellent service. Standard facilities such as air-conditioning, kitchen, and car & driver service are also available at budget villas. Hence we have a solution to our question of when is the best time to go to bali.

Bali is divided into more than two, but not a lot of areas and each area has its attraction. In Bali, there is something for everyone. If you like going to the beach, you can stay in Sanur or Kuta. Sanur is known for its stunning sunrise, while Kuta is famous for its beautiful sunset. If you want to experience the peacefulness of the countryside, you can rent a villa near Canggu or Tabanan.

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