What are Infusion Pumps? Their Types and Advantages

There are many people who have been able to obtain benefits of pain-free syringes. An infusion pump is a medical device which is used to deliver a measured amount of fluids into the body of a patient. The infusion pump is generally called a capacity pump.

The infusion pumps offered by braun perfusor space services deliver the exact volume of fluid needed with accuracy and precision. Infusion pumps are of various types and they are used in a variety of environments for different purposes.

These pumps can either be used to deliver medications or nutrients like insulin antibiotics pain killers and drugs in smaller or larger quantities.

braun perfusor spaceSome of the advantages of infusion pumps include

  • Larger capacity
  • A wider range of flow rates
  • Less liquid type restrictions
  • Cheaper consumables
  • Lower drug concentration
  • Less irritation
  • Easier needle-to-needle alarms
  • Infusion warming

They are designed for various purposes. Some pumps are used for stationary usage whereas others are used for wearable and these portable pumps are called ambulatory infusion pumps. A few of the pumps are as follows:

  • Enteral pump – This pump is used to deliver nutrients and medications to the digestive tract of a patient.
  • PCA pump – Patient-controlled analgesia pump is an infusion pump which allows patients to deliver pain medication in a controlled amount.
  • Insulin pump – This pump can be regularly used to inject insulin to diabetic patients.

Infusion pumps can be powered electrically or mechanically and different pumps work in various ways.

  • Syringe pump – In syringe pump fluid is stored in the reservoir of a syringe and the delivery of fluid is controlled by a moveable piston.
  • Peristaltic pump – Fluid flow in this pump is done by a set of rollers on a flexible tube.
  • Smart pump – This type of pump is armed with various safety alert features including user alerts in case of risk.
  • Elastomeric pump – The flow of fluid is done by a stretchable balloon reservoir in this pump.
  • Multi-channel pump – With this pump, fluids can be delivered from multiple reservoirs at multiple rates.

An infusion pump infuses fluids or nutrients into circulatory system of a person. You can buy, rent or service syringe pumps from Braun Perfusor Space and can experience peace of mind by buying various types of syringe pumps at affordable prices.