Beginners Guide Book for Divorce Procedure Singapore

Marriage is a holy bond, which gives a name to the love between two individuals. Irrespective of gender, marriage is common for every couple. However, in some societies with conservative and outdated beliefs, same-sex marriages aren’t regarded to be legal. But that doesn’t change the pure bond of marriage. The vows, trust and love remain all same. Not every marriage culminates into success. In many cases, people find that they aren’t well-suited with each other, causing a life crisis. Finding no solution around, divorce seems the only way out. This article shall discuss the divorce procedure Singapore.

Important Details

The law details of taking divorce in Singapore are quite similar to other Asian countries. The rate of marriages ending up in divorce has increased since the past decade. The couple needs to file a divorce in the court, after which their case is heard by the judge on a particular date. If the differences are irreconcilable, the court takes strict actions ensuring that the separation happens quickly.

Word of Wisdom

The society still doesn’t see divorces in a good way. Especially in Asian countries, families are supposed to stay together, through every difficulty. Divorce isn’t accepted and a deep stigma is associated with it. This is why, women become the victim of domestic violence, depression and anxiety. One shouldn’t think of other’s opinion. The quality of life is totally in one’s hands, fighting is needed to stay happy. A failed marriage doesn’t mean the end of everything, people need to realize this.

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