Jack Fruit of Southeast Asia With Durian Musang king

As per the spelling, it is not the name of a king. It is the name of a variety of fruit called durian musang king. The parent’s name of the fruit is Durian. The fruit is famous in Southeast Asia. The shape of this fruit is similar to the jack fruit found in India. The color is green. It cannot be consumed like an apple, simply washing and eating, nor is it like a banana or an orange.

To consume banana and orange, the skin needs to be peeled and then consumed. The outer layer of the Durian is very hard and thorny. The edible part is present inside the fruit. The length is twelve inches, and the diameter is six inches. The weight varies from one to three kilograms. Now it is understood that every fruit carries a sweet fragrance. The reason behind this is the presence of a chemical compound known as Esters. However, the story is different for this southeast fruit. This fruit does have a sweet fragrance.

It smells a lot. On research, it’s found that it smells because of the presence of amino acids. There are multiple varieties of this fruit. The Musan king is one of them. The Musan King has soft skin, and space among the spikes is more than the regular Durian. The shape is similar to the kidney beans and not completely oval. The edible part is very sweet, and the flavor is like the custard.