Setting perfect dessert table

Dessert tables setp up are the most delightful method to highlight pièce de résistance for your party: especially the dessert! No matter whether you are planning the home dessert table for the friend’s bridal shower, birthday party, or fun gathering with your family, follow the tips to make this beautiful and look for dessert table setup Singapore.

Select the theme.

The dessert table without any cohesive theme is bunch of desserts lying on the table. Choose on the theme and tie your desserts together.

It can be the color: people will bring cakes, cookies, and homemade lollipops. So, anything goes, providing they are red!

On the other hand, you can select the kind of dessert, like cakes, chocolates, and pies.

Lastly, you can choose the seasonal theme that is related to an occasion, like winter favorites, desserts to eat, or funkiest children desserts.

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Create the height.

Desserts are very flat. It is just a nature of food – it is very flat. Suppose you are working with the cakes, you will be lucky getting some inches, or, you will need to get a bit creative to make the dessert table setup very appealing. You can add levels to the dessert table and excite everybody’s eyes all along with the taste buds. Hang the banner and streamers on a wall behind table. You can use cake stands or decorative boxes and display a few desserts much higher than ones on the serving platters.


Decor will go beyond food itself. Just drape the printed fabric on the boring kitchen table. You can place the decorative candles & mini flower bouquets for appealing arrangements.