Things To Consider Before Purchasing Cake Decorating Bags

Piping bags are a conical bag attached with the nozzle at the tip end, and the cream for decorating is filled through the wider end. When filled and squeezed, the cream comes out of the nozzle. The nozzles come in different shapes and sizes to create beautiful shapes of the cream over your cake. Few nozzle shapes include the classic round, star-shaped, leaf-shaped, etc. The cream-filled in should be of semi-solid consistency for enabling the right flow through the nozzle. The cake decorating bags come in various materials and sizes. You can select the appropriate one, depending on your utility.


The piping bags are used for icing or decorating cakes and pastries. Different types of icings can be done by using this bag. This bag is also used for loading the doughnuts with fillings like chocolate, jellies, etc. The bag is used to fill mashed potatoes, flavored butter, etc. In different dishes like pierogi.


The types of piping bags are mainly based on their material and durability.

  • Gripped disposable bags- These disposable bags provide a great grip and permit easy dispensing of the icing.
  • Disposable smooth bags- The smooth bags are pliable and thicker disposable bags avoiding any spillage due to bursting of bags.
  • Stripping bags- Stripping bags are wider disposable bags and are used to fill multiple filters at once. This bag is used to make icings on cakes with themes like a rainbow cake, unicorn cake, multi-flavored cakes, etc.
  • Polyester bags- These reusable bags are used for multiple purposes and are easy to handle and clean.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane bags- As the name suggests, these bags are primarily used to fill anything hot as the material is compatible with bearing the heat and is stretchable too.

Canvas bags

These bags are reusable and are used to fill anything non-greasy like mashed potatoes, jellies, doughs, etc.

The cake decorating bags play a huge role in the frosting or driving process and hence should be selected wisely considering the type of filling you are planning to use as it will reduce your hassle.