Tips for choosing bongs

The people who have the habit of smoking must make sure to choose the best bong available in the market. Since they tend to have various choices to choose from, the buyers can consider the following tips for choosing the best.


It is to be noted that the bongs are available in various shapes. The buyers who are buying it for the first time may not be aware of these factors. The straight tube is the basic model. Apart from these, there are beakers, bent neck, egg water pipe and several other bongs. The recyclers are considered to be one of the most effective one and they are also quite popular when compared to other models. However, the beginners tend to choose the straight models as they are quite easy to use.

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As the next thing the size of the bong should be taken into account. One can choose the size according to the convenience. The size which they tend to choose greatly determines their comfort in smoking. Hence they are supposed to choose the right size without any constraint.


In case if the buyers are moving for the glass, they must remember that not all the glasses are same as they sound to be. The buyers should make sure to choose the quality one. By choosing the best online store one can buy best bongs under $100. Obviously by approaching such kind of reputed store one can save their money and can also shop the best bongs for their smoking needs.