What’s Workflow and Why You Need It?

It is the day when you want to get the productivity in proper order. You are going to create to-do lists. And you have decided to clear out everything, and accomplish all your tasks in a correct order and maximize your time. You will remember all those things that you have left off the list, as well. Finally you sit down for doing your research on best productivity processes. No matter what method is—you have to step up & start doing it. But, one thing that everyone keeps on telling you is to “Set up your own workflow.”

step up & start doing it. But, one thing that everyone keeps on telling you is to “Set up your own workflow.”

What is it now?

Do not fret. Let us take one second and look at some workflow requirements or examples, and understand why you want one.

The workflow is a sequence of processes by which work passes from commencement to completion.” To understand it in simple words, it is a method you create to get the stuff done. And the “stuff” will be anything: from the weekly list to in-depth project such as book writing, or setting up the automatic system for your clients to complete the invoice payments. Actually, you most likely create such flows daily without even knowing it.

While it comes about daily productivity, you may not even know how much simple your life will be if you have the step-by-step process of workflow. Digging your emails and stack of papers for finding the information can be the waste of time. There is one simple way, and it is called as workflow automation!

Workflows and Examples to Know

Suppose you are looking for the new workflow, here is the roundup of various kinds of the common ones that will inspire user moment:

Easy To Do’s & Personal Productivity

It is the most basic workflows in board form: Do, Doing and Done. The cards can be moved over the lists as they are being worked on and completed. Being a user, you may change name of the lists to anything you want. Besides Do, Doing and Done, some add lists such as “Long Term Dos” and “On Hold” in order to keep initiatives they are not actively working at, but do not want to forget.

Scrum & Agile Methodology Workflows

Lots of business teams make use of workflow process named agile that generally structures the project tasks in very short bursts. The bursts are known as Current Sprints. So, before going in a sprint period, task cards will be queued up in the “waiting area” known as Backlog list.