It is getting big!

          The crypto currency is a concept which was not much known in the past decades but with the advent of the internet and its common usage world wide the crypto currency has come to be well known in all parts. The basic difference between the crypto currency and the fiat currency or the regular currency is that the fiat currency is an approved entity and it is legal and its transactions are carried out through the government approved banking system but this is not the case with the bitcoin. Even though it has been allowed in certain countries the mass appeal of it has not been arrived at and so you need to know how to earn bitcoin before you want to deal in it or even want to collect it in your own book within the network.

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bitcoin wallet

Reach out!

  • If you want to add the bitcoin to your collection of crypto currency you can do it by first knowing where to access it from.
  • There are a few sources which you can reach out to and get it. The bitcoin is available within a handful of people who come under a network of block chain members who deal in the bitcoin and they exchange within them.
  • In case you need it you will have to come in contact with them and through them you can as a person to person purchase.
  • The next is the bitcoin faucet where you can avail the bitcoin online and this is not considered to be very beneficial according to some experts and the third is to take part in the gaming websites where they give away the bitcoins for registering on their websites and also playing the games and if you know how to earn bitcoin then you can add it to your own collection in the future.