How well can you store fresh fish after buying?

If you like seafood, you know you must have it fresh. The shorter you store it, the better the taste. If you know where to buy fish in singapore, you must now learn how to store fish to keep it fresh for some time.

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  • You must wash your fish thoroughly. After washing leave no moisture on it and dry it completely, maybe using a paper towel. There should not be any juice or liquid in the fish, else it may be spoiled in a day or two even if refrigerated. It should be washed well to get rid of any bacteria on it.
  • You can wrap your fish in aluminum foil after washing. Else you can also store it in an air-tight container. This way the odor from the fish does not pass on to other foods in the refrigerator. The fillets of the fish should be sealed in a plastic bag and it should be devoid of air. This plastic bag can be placed in a bowl of ice.
  • Fish is best consumed fresh within a few days of buying. The taste of seafood lies on how sooner you cook it after buying it.
  • You look for so many indicators and try to buy fresh fish but if you are going to store it for long, then the purpose of buying fresh fish is lost.
  • You can choose to either refrigerate or freeze the fish. Simple refrigeration would involve wrapping in foil or keeping in air-tight containers as mentioned above.
  • When you freeze the fish, you must keep it in the freezer compartment and this stays good for months together.
  • Every time you want to cook, you must thaw the fish and then cook while the remaining can be kept in the freezer.