Sunroom construction economical or not

If the choice of material for the construction of a veranda falls on aluminum, it is good to know that costs can vary in relation to many factors:first of all, the higher cost depends on the size of the surface that must be closed in width, depth and height,the type of structure you want to build,the type of cover that you decide to use if fixed, removable, glass or opaque,from the choice of fixtures and glass especially in the case in which it is desired to insert, as desirable to implement energy saving, double glazing and low emissivity,from the choice of handles and locks,the type of opening, whether sliding or hinged, flush or with sliding profile on the ground patio enclosures in West Fargo, ND.

Defining a precise cost is practically impossible. Let’s assume that closing a space of about 20 square meters involves a basic cost starting from 5-6000 euros in relation to the choices of the components described above since the costs of building the veranda must be added to an additional cost given by:

a possible protection system,

sun shielding system,

ventilation systems,

lighting systems.

What deductions for the construction of a veranda

Deciding to transform a balcony or a space outside the house into a veranda is configured as a ” building renovation ” and therefore is facilitated by the 50% bonus intended for renovations , allowing you to later access the furniture bonus to furnish it better.

The guidelines of the Revenue Agency say that the interventions for the construction of the verandas allow access to 50% of the Irpef deduction for renovations if certain conditions are met: innovations must be introduced with respect to the previous state; if new construction is carried out, demolishing the wall overlooking the balcony and creating an increase in the gross floor area; if you turn the balcony into a veranda.

These building interventions are classified by the Revenue Agency as a ” building renovation ” and therefore as a work that aims to transform a building making it partially or totally different from the previous one.