Top Vegetables to Plant in Fall

Are you in summer-harvest mode? There are a wide range of vegetables that should be planted in the fall right from pumpkins to lettuce and many more. Or if you got a bit sidetracked and your plans of getting your own vegetable garden did not work out as planned. There is some good news for you, check out the list of vegetables you can plant in the fall:


One vegetable that is a perfect fit this ‘fall’ is pumpkins. They come in many different sizes and colors. Some pumpkins have thin flesh inside but thick outer skin. Pumpkins need enough room to roam, since their vines may reach above 30 feet.


Sweet and tender lettuce must be planted before four to eight weeks before its first frost, and harvested at different stages, right from the start to its full head. Lettuce will make it through winter providing it is grown under the row cover or cold frame.

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Another best fall varieties that matures within three to four weeks and succession-planted each week till one month before its first frost is radish. Though winter varieties are a bit slower growing but provide bigger leaves and roots, strong flavor as well as longer storage.


Fall is a best time of the year for your gardens to get its shine, growing producing crops with superb flavor, huge yields, and vibrant colors. So, keep your garden to go through autumn months with these loving crops & see benefits!