International courier services:

To more than 240 countries, them offer specialised international courier services for a variety of sizes and weights. Them offer the same level of service and are 40–50% less expensive than all major carriers because them work with the same ones. Documents and a wide range of products, such as personal items, electronics, excess baggage, gifts, and commercial goods, are all things them can mail. Items that are prohibited from carrying by them are noted in the FAQ section of this website.

Them offer the following services: international courier services document from the USA

Rapid international express delivery service that provides next-day urgent delivery to numerous overseas locations.

Express international courier service that is quick

With the exception of restricted items, the ship the majority of products.

huge foreign packages delivered

If you want to transport a big

If you want to ship a parcel worldwide, them can set up a special truck to pick up your package and transport it as a pallet through the networks of their carriers.

services for heavy international couriers

Them can pick up packages weighing up to 1,000 pounds and send them overseas using their pallet delivery service.

the shipping of large overseas packages

Them can ship things up to 2.7 metres in length using their global couriers.

All of your foreign courier deliveries are supported

Them provide customer assistance around-the-clock to assist with your needs. Contact them at +1 855 855 VEGA (8342).

To know more about them check out their website GarudaVega.