Metal roofing: why choose them?

Why do we use metal roofing on all types of buildings today?

The reasons for the diffusion of metal roofs, and their massive application also to residential buildings, are many and linked to the advantages guaranteed by a corrugated sheet .

These advantages derive from the weight of the sheet, the type of installation, its composition and its final appearance:

First, metal roofing is light and easy to install . This means that, on the one hand, they lighten the overall weight of the load-bearing structure; on the other hand, the installation of a corrugated sheet roof is much faster than the construction of a classic roof roofers in oshawa.

The lightness and speed of installation favor economic savings . Transport costs, in fact, are reduced, as well as installation costs.

The sheet metal, then, has a series of technical characteristics that masonry roofs do not have. First, a greater  inalterability to frost ; second,  the impermeability ; third,  resistance to corrosion .

Finally, the most modern corrugated sheets are well designed also from an aesthetic point of view and allow ample scope for customizing the roof . This ensures a high-impact visual effect.

How we make your metal cover

What is the best procedure for obtaining state-of-the-art metal roofing? Our method is based on: qualified technical consultancy , personalized and tailor-made design, speed of realization.

Our technicians are carefully selected and always updated on every single aspect of the production of our sheets. The competence and quality of the product, therefore, allow us to always offer the customer the most suitable solution for their needs.

Our roofing sheets

As regards, specifically, metal roofs, our catalog currently includes 16 models of corrugated sheet metal. The  range , however, is constantly updated and evolved. Discover our corrugated sheets for roofing

All our roofing sheets are customizable:

in the material – galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluzinc, aluminum, copper

in color , choosing between raw finishes or different colors , from standard to more refined ones

in additional applications , such as anti-condensation felt and SANDcontrol anti-noise felt

in processing (it is possible to carry out different types of curvature, both regular and irregular, with constant or variable radius, and with shed fold)

in accessories – fittings, ridges, fixing systems and translucent elements in polycarbonate or fiberglass.

Advantages of a metal roof

A metal covering has numerous advantages, especially due to the high degree of functionality guaranteed by this type of covering. The metal roofs in fact guarantee a special resistance to time and atmospheric agents . For example, unlike a normal tile roof , or a wooden roof, a metal roof can ensure a duration ranging from 40 to 80 years , depending on the material, ensuring better wind resistance and excellent drainage of the ‘rain water.