Remove tattoo leaves scars

Want to know if removing a tattoo leaves scars ? Absolutely no kind of sign.

Precisely this technology allows, thanks to the extremely short exposure time, to destroy and split the pigment without creating damage to the surrounding tissues .

We can no longer afford to have scars. Because the skin must remain whole and we can rewrite a new story. Time, therefore from nanoseconds to picoseconds, will allow us to hit first the big boulders, then the stones, then the gravel and finally the sand tattoo removal using laser.

So without picosecond technology we wouldn’t be able to get rid of the small gravel and sand. So we could not get to eliminate even the smallest part of the tattoo, that is the pigment we have inside.

Remove a colored tattoo

tattoo removal using laser

Having the right machine, the right laser to remove tattoos , yes. Our machine technology is a technology that involves four wavelengths . In short, the best on the market right now. This is why each wavelength allows us to treat a different color. The rainbow does not scare us. It hurts to remove a tattoo.

But does it hurt to remove a tattoo ?

Our medical center takes great care of the pain aspect. In any case, any treatment that has an aesthetic value, in addition to being scientifically valid, must be as “pleasant” as possible. I’m not saying it has to be a pleasure, but at least it doesn’t have to hurt us.

The big advantage is that the spot size is extremely larger than any other laser on the market. This means that we can treat a larger area, with a reduced number of spots. Each spot is a little feeling of annoyance.

Picosecond laser

What are the advantages of the picosecond laser? Being the last car on the market, therefore the newest, we can say, comparing it to a car, that it is the fastest model. The last one released. All this allows us to treat any type of color in a faster and less painful way. I would say that there are already many advantages.