What does ULC provide?

The Conversational English Course requested at ULC focuses based on the English terminology and colloquial uses of the lesson for adults. Not only their lessons are great for novices to learn basic English and conversational English, but they are also fun and useful for foreigners who are glancing to enhance their chatterings with locals in Singapore.

english language course

For whom do they offer the conversational courses?

This English Conversational Course is excellent for pupils who:

  • Do not have a belief in speaking fundamental English with residents in Singapore.
  • Have complications speaking accurate English.
  • Would like to expand their daily discussion abilities.
  • Want to learn essential English.
  • Appreciate meeting new people and making Friendships.

Their Chattering English courses educate students on basic and practical transmission skills. Classes are taught by competent teachers and generally, involve a lot of speaking and interchange with other learners during assignments. assignments more exercise during discussions and intercourse in class, beginners will be able to pick up the language more efficiently. This type of course, especially for foreigners who are living in Singapore and is trying to achieve the accepted language of the nation.

With the help of their specialist educators, one-on-one classes, and homework, their learners are certainly in decent hands. Whether you hope to learn the basics of English, peeking to improve on your Corporate English skills wish to let your child master a new dialect, they have the exact course for you, so that you become the first one to be benefitted from it