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Melatonin Side Effects – Should You Take Sleeping Medications?

Recently, we have witnessed an increasing number of patients who use melatonin for sleep problems. However, the fact is that melatonin can pose a threat to the body. This is because melatonin has shown undesirable side effects that can cause dangerous health complications.

Some figures show that millions of US citizens are receiving sleeping pills to treat sleep disorders.

 While insomnia and other sleep disorders are really very frustrating to fight, sleeping pills should not be your main alternative. There are many other treatments for sleep apnea that are not associated with any sleeping pills.

However, if you decide that the use of pills for insomnia is the most reasonable solution, you should remember other things. Most hypnotics contain melatonin for social anxiety, which is originally a natural hormone that controls people’s sleep patterns. Scientists believed that people who have trouble sleeping should use the same hormone to treat the disorder and, therefore, manufactured melatonin sleeping pills.

If you are considering treating melatonin hypnotics, you should consider the side effects of melatonin.

People who used sleeping pills that contained melatonin for stress and anxiety reported dizziness, headaches, confusion, nightmares, sleepwalking and discomfort. Even if they are not too dangerous, you should know that the list does not end here.

use melatonin for sleep problems

Patients who received melatonin and tried to produce a baby at the same time said that melatonin certainly reduced their chances of conception. As a result, melatonin even began to be used as a contraceptive for people who do not want to get pregnant. In addition, because of this side effect, people who use melatonin also reported that most people and the people around them were frustrated and upset while taking melatonin. This is another side effect of melatonin, which makes people feel angry about the slightest thing.

Melatonin should not be mixed with several pills, which include anticoagulants, immunosuppressants, birth control pills and diabetes pills. It would be detrimental to combine melatonin with these medications, as they could interact and lead to undesirable conditions for the patient using melatonin.

The overdose of melatonin is very dangerous and the patient should always be aware of the dose.

Another study showed that overdose of melatonin, in addition to the fact that it is very harmful to health, does not affect those who take it to combat sleep disorders. Regularly, 0.3 mg of melatonin have been shown to be too successful and, in addition, can only lead to complications.


Melatonin is a medicine to sleep, and fulfills its function quite well. However, it also has a series of harmful side effects that damage the health of the person who takes it. As a result, consulting a doctor is always better if you have trouble sleeping.